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Types of Security Gates for Business and Public Areas

A gate installation company creates uniquely designed customized gated for business premises, public areas, and homes. These are some of the security gates for business and public places that you need to know.

Bi-folding gate is designed with two gates, but each gate is divided into two panels that are connected by hinges to allow anyone to fold either gate when opening the gate and the two gates meet at the center when the bi-folding is closed. Most of the industrial areas use this gate because it is easy to open and it saves time since a considerable number of cars should be allowed in and out of the property.

Pedestrian security gates are essential in public places that experience high traffic volume of pedestrians such as sports stadiums. A pedestrian swing gate opens up and extends outward in a particular direction to allow a person at a time into the property. A pedestrian swing gate is combined with a turnstile to create a pedestrian portal. The turnstile controls high volumes of traffic from pedestrians because it allows more people to pass through unlike the pedestrian swing gate that allows only one person at a time. Only special access are allowed to pass through the pedestrian swing gate.

You can prevent big cars from being driven in front of your building or on pedestrian areas by installing posts in a row that are called bollards. Posts of bollards will not obstruct people from getting in and out of your store because they expert leave enough space in between the posts. Ballords not only prevent big cars from passing through, because experts can create space in between the posts to prevent or allow anything to pass through from small cars, large animals, carts, bicycles, and motorbikes.

A barrier arm or crash beam is a vertical arm that is joined to a control post, which allows cars to pass by pivoting the vertical arm at a 90 degrees. One can jump over, squeeze around the barrier arm or crawl under it hence if you need this gate, know that it only controls cars from getting into or out of the property and not humans. A crash beam has high resistance to impact. People inside the car itself will suffer severe injuries and damages respectively if the car crashes against a barrier. A traffic control crash beam is a special type of crash beam that is designed for controlling traffic specifically. A traffic control crash beam is lighter, and it breaks away when exposed to high impact.
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