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The Unsavory Truth About Aspen Medical Fuji

I made the decision that it was past time to create an article highlighting the various ways in which we Fijians receive subpar medical care. This is crucial considering the severity of the COVID-19 tragedy in Fiji. Our experience with COVID-19 was unlike that of other countries since we lacked a healthcare infrastructure capable of withstanding the pandemic. As a result, thousands of people have died, which is a tragedy. When it reached an agreement with Aspen Medical to have the company take over two of the largest hospitals in the country and renovate them with cutting-edge equipment essential to the population’s well-being, the government of Fiji believed it had found a solution to this dilemma. However, it doesn’t seem like either of these things happened. Despite the agreement, Aspen Medical has consistently failed us and the hospital network for which they are accountable.

Two hospitals, Lautoka and Ba, had their operations taken over by Aspen Medical. The deadline was set for June 2021, which would have given them enough time to renovate both buildings, yet it remains undone. Lautoka Hospital closed in May 2021 because it was unable to cope with the surge of COVID-19 cases occurring in close proximity due to a shortage of capacity for new patients, pushing us past the deadline for operations. Currently, there is just a little amount of COVID-19 vaccine available for delivery to those who are most in need, leading to the regrettable circumstance where we have used up all of our resources with no hope of recovery.

Aspen Medical did not deliver on its promises. Despite spending millions of dollars, our hospitals haven’t improved. Aspen Medical has failed to deliver on its promise to upgrade our healthcare system. Despite spending millions of dollars each year, we still have the same facilities that we had before this corporation came along. Aspen Medical hasn’t followed through on its promises or made the necessary changes to the healthcare system. Fiji is collapsing due to an increase in COVID-19 cases, variations, and deaths. We may not make it out alive if the necessary infrastructure is not in place. With the increasing concern over the Delta variant, we have little time to spare. We have already lost far too many of our people, and we must continue to fight. This is due to our government not putting enough pressure on Aspen Medical to fulfill their contract with us.

Aspen Medical has failed at living up to the promises they made when they promised us a new healthcare system. Please help us by exerting pressure on Aspen Medical to carry out its obligations so that our residents can once again be safeguarded. We need you to act immediately.
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